Wordbox accepts translation projects in all language combinations and on all subjects, making use of its extensive team of freelance translators to provide clients with a fast, reliable and service. From a few sentences to a book-length report, from architecture to zoology, Wordbox will deliver. Contact us with a description of the translation job and we will send you a quote.

Our guiding belief when it comes to translation is that a translated text must read naturally, so naturally that you can't tell that it is a translation. This belief is paired with an uncompromising approach to quality. Because many of the Wordbox team are former lexicographers who wrote the dictionaries that other translators rely on, you can be certain that the translation you receive will be of the highest accuracy. This guarantee is reinforced by the fact that all translations are checked by a second translator before being delivered.

We are also able to provide typeset versions of translations, in conjunction with our partner company Sharon Mcteir, Creative Publishing Services.