Jacques Perret

French writer Jacques Perret (1901-1992) was inventive in his use of language and at times mordant in his criticism of new anglicized coinages. Such criticism is, however, delivered in a characteristically humorous style.

In a piece originally published in the 1954 collection Cheveux dans la soupe and republished in the excellent 2005 collection, Chroniques, he writes about hitch-hiking and whether to call it "stopping" or "stopisme": "Je laisse le soin de régler cette question de vocabulaire à la commission du français basique, ou basic French...". He goes on to describe "l'extraordinaire multiplication des stoppistes, stopeurs, stopards, stopomanes et stopopathes" and later uses "stopodes" too.

You'll have to look hard to find "stopards", "stopomanes", "stopopathes" or "stopodes" actually used. "Stoppistes" is rare too, and if it is used will have the prefix "auto-", like "auto-stopeur". But Perret's aim of course is not to describe usage, rather to gently ridicule with his list of differently inflected forms. More from Jacques in subsequent posts.